Sunday, August 14, 2011

15 August 1947 : AzaaD hui,, KhamOsh Nigahein

15 August 1947, Freedom, Azadi, Azaadi,tiranga,khamosh niga
mujhe faKr sirf.. is aZaaDi pe nahi,
Fakr.. hai mujhe..
har uss.. Lahoo-k- katre pe,
-- Jis_se ranGa.. hai , Mera Tiranga

: Azhar Rizvi , 15 august 2011
( Khamosh Nigahein )

Translation : ( English)

I feel Proud..
not only of this Freedom.
But, I feel proud for that every..
Ounce of bLood sacrificed to
colour the fLag

: Azhar Rizvi , 15 august 2011
( Khamosh nigahein)

Indians Its high time that we realize the importance of our well fought freedom and respect that.
Let us stay united ,stand strong and pose before the world as an exemplary nation which finds its deepest roots consolidated in diversified geographies of the nation from diverse Religious beliefs, unique Languages, Cultures and Traditions. Yet, STAND TOGETHER UNDER THE GARB OF AN " INDIAN ".

Ye Hindustan hai..
Yahaan Hindustani Rehte hain.

Mere waTan ka koi maZhab.. nhii..
yahaan sab rehte hain.

Yahaan hindu bhi rehte hain..
Yahaan musaLmaan bhi rehte hain..
Sikh bhi hain yahan.. Esaayi bhi..
- par sab yhi kehte hain
Ye Hindustan hai..
Yahaan Hindustani Rehte hain. : Azhar

The Above picture is of one of the martyrs of Indian Freedom,
ShaheeD-E-Azam, Bhagat Singh
, whom i personally admire.

Naaz hai har us shahiD pe jiski .. vajah se,
duniya 15 August 1947 ki taarikh ko pehchaanti hai . : Azhar

Sunday, June 12, 2011

ye shikaayat to uss.. khuDa se hi.. karunGa. ..

wo bani .. na ho mere liye.. ,
par diL to aaj bhi.. uske liye hi dhadakTa hai...

kyon na miLi wo mujhe ?
ye shikaayat to uss.. khuDa se hi.. karunGa. .. ! - Azhar

Loneliness breaks me .... to pieces

yoon.. to aksar.. tanhaai chahtaa hoon..
aur jab , Tanhaa hota hoon..

~ ' Bikhar.. ' jaata hoon. ~ Azhar

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


...chaLna.. bhi.. sikhaaYa..
---jeenaa bhi sikhayaa..
.. Jab jab aayi , mujh par.. mushkiL..
--- mujhe.. Ladnaa bhi sikhaaYa.
--ManziLain.. dhundnaa sikhaaya..
paane manziL... Mehnat ,
karna bhi sikhaaya..

-- jab jab thakaa.. maY,
jab jab ruke kadam... .
Aapne.. apne kandhOn.. pe utHaaYa..

.. khud.. to zindaGi ki dhooP sehte rahe..
--- mujhe apni chhaav me, chhipaaya.

...jab jab thaa.. MaY.. sehmaa..
.. pyaaR se gaLe Lagaaya.

..jab jab ki khataa .. maine..
,. maar- maar k , zindaGi ka sabak bhi sikhaaya.

...GaLtiyaaan kartaa tha..maY. !!
to kabhi hass.. kar..
kabhi guss_se se..
kabhi daant kar.. to kabhi maar kar... SikhaaYa.

--jab jab roya.. maY , aapki aankhon ko namm paaya.
jab andhere ki taraf badaa.. maY,
Aap ne thaama mujhe... sahi raaH dikhaayi..
.. ujaaLe me rehna sikhaaya.

mushkiLon se darta thaa.. to mushkilon ko daraaana sikhLaayaa..
Ghum me bhii muskuraana sikhLaaYaa.

Sahi gaLat kya hai... aapne sikhaaya..
Sar uthaa k jinaa sikhaaya..

Rishton ko nibahaana sikhaayaa..
Garibon ki maDad karna sikhaaya...

Haan.... musaLmaan hoon maY. .. !!
IsLam .. mera mazhab hai..
par,--- Aapne ... mujhe Insaan.. banaaya..
jine ka saLikhaa sikhaaya.

Apnon k liye jinaa sikhaayaa.

SapnE dekhnE ki himmaT. dii.. !! Sapnon me yakin rakhna sikhaaYa.

zindagi bhar... sirf sikhaaYaa.. pyaar kiyaa..
har ziDd ko meri.. puraa kiyaa...
khushi di... GaLtiyon pe maaf kiyaaa...
meri khushii mera araaam mera carrier .. meraa future..

Sab kuch to kiyaa.. ABBA aapne. .. !!

may .... kuch naa kar paaYa.
may kuch nhii kar paaya.

U were my strength Abba ji..
Never saw any other who could come closer to your stature...
aapse bahut pyaar krta hoon..
aapke sikhaaye sanskaaron pe chaLtaa aaya hu
I always felt proud to b your son.
I always admired your thoughts and ideas.. not just because i am your son.. but, as an intellect.
May kuch nhi kar paaya Abba ..
May .. koi araam nhi de paaya aapko.
I feel lost. Guilt .. regrets.. unsaid , unshared ..

Monday, May 9, 2011

Determined to succeed

Each time ..
when.. i am down.. and disheartened.
I hear a voice.... within,
telling me.. to raise.. to stand up, and to FighT back.. with all adversities.

Every time..
when.. i think.. this is iT -- I can't overcome this obstacLe.
I feeL.. a unforeseen force.. pushing me harder.. to walK over those obstacLes.

This is what i think ... is called as Determination. : Azhar

WiLL elaborate on this point.. sometime later ... when free... Dekho kab fursat miLe

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Glass : Half filled or half empty ?

iT doesn't matter ..
whether the gLass is..
half empty or haLf full.

Because, somebody is gonna Drink..
and emptY it soooooooon ;)
: aZza

Same is with life.
either we stay too much bothered about the emptiness of materialistic things in life
or we moan for the things that we have got in life, considering them as mean/undervalued
and take them for granted.

Whatever you think,i know one thing for sure .. and that is, that you are missing something.
You are not enjoying your life
you are not tasting the every sip of life, that you are gulping down in haste. ( apriL 6^th2011)

will complete this section sometime sooooonnn .. : AzhaR

Sunday, April 3, 2011

india wins world cup 2011

Cheeeeers.. Beeeers.. Tears...
ShouTs... maDness..
GriT.. VaLor ... couraGe...
Joy.... FrnzY.. euphoria...
anD.. a..
~ This is whaT CrickeT means.. to INDIA..
~ This is Y.. it matters 2 b

Respect and Salute to the
: azhar Rizvi

------ INDIA is NOT... SECULAR. It has onLy ONE Religion...... ' CrickeT .... ' ------
------- and you.. aLready know.. whO.. the GOD's are... !! ------
: azhar ( on India's win)

INDIA Soaked in joy of VICTORY

A Sack of cement.. as basE..
A plastic sheet.. as Screen..
A bunch of motor-mechanics..
.. as Broadcasters..
And the ROAD.. as seaT 4 Spectators'

.. we did to WATCH INDIA ..
.. becoming CHAMPIONS.. !!'

Below :

me wid my frn raGhav ..
soaKed in.. the Game.