Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Glass : Half filled or half empty ?

iT doesn't matter ..
whether the gLass is..
half empty or haLf full.

Because, somebody is gonna Drink..
and emptY it soooooooon ;)
: aZza

Same is with life.
either we stay too much bothered about the emptiness of materialistic things in life
or we moan for the things that we have got in life, considering them as mean/undervalued
and take them for granted.

Whatever you think,i know one thing for sure .. and that is, that you are missing something.
You are not enjoying your life
you are not tasting the every sip of life, that you are gulping down in haste. ( apriL 6^th2011)

will complete this section sometime sooooonnn .. : AzhaR

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