Sunday, August 14, 2011

15 August 1947 : AzaaD hui,, KhamOsh Nigahein

15 August 1947, Freedom, Azadi, Azaadi,tiranga,khamosh niga
mujhe faKr sirf.. is aZaaDi pe nahi,
Fakr.. hai mujhe..
har uss.. Lahoo-k- katre pe,
-- Jis_se ranGa.. hai , Mera Tiranga

: Azhar Rizvi , 15 august 2011
( Khamosh Nigahein )

Translation : ( English)

I feel Proud..
not only of this Freedom.
But, I feel proud for that every..
Ounce of bLood sacrificed to
colour the fLag

: Azhar Rizvi , 15 august 2011
( Khamosh nigahein)

Indians Its high time that we realize the importance of our well fought freedom and respect that.
Let us stay united ,stand strong and pose before the world as an exemplary nation which finds its deepest roots consolidated in diversified geographies of the nation from diverse Religious beliefs, unique Languages, Cultures and Traditions. Yet, STAND TOGETHER UNDER THE GARB OF AN " INDIAN ".

Ye Hindustan hai..
Yahaan Hindustani Rehte hain.

Mere waTan ka koi maZhab.. nhii..
yahaan sab rehte hain.

Yahaan hindu bhi rehte hain..
Yahaan musaLmaan bhi rehte hain..
Sikh bhi hain yahan.. Esaayi bhi..
- par sab yhi kehte hain
Ye Hindustan hai..
Yahaan Hindustani Rehte hain. : Azhar

The Above picture is of one of the martyrs of Indian Freedom,
ShaheeD-E-Azam, Bhagat Singh
, whom i personally admire.

Naaz hai har us shahiD pe jiski .. vajah se,
duniya 15 August 1947 ki taarikh ko pehchaanti hai . : Azhar

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