Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Khwaab .. mere, uLjhe se hain..

'Khwaab.. ' mere.
uLjhe se , hain..

KhuD me hi
pareshaan hain..

~ Har kHwaab ne ,
maanGi hai.. 'ZindaGi'

~ Naa jaane , kaun.. ?
haQiqat ban jaYe.
kHwaab mere ,
yE socH.. socH..
pareshaan hain.. !!

:KhamOsh niGahein / aZza

Monday, March 14, 2011

Tu jo Muskuraati hai.. / ( When U smiLe )

Tu.. jo muskuraati hai..
to na jaane kyon ye DiL.. bechain ho jaata hai.. !!


Tere paas aane se..
Tujhse Dur jaane se..

Teri NaZron se nazar miLaane se..
Teri NazRon se dur jaane se..

Naa jane kyOn.. ye diL chain Kho jaaTa hai.
Naa jane kyOn.. ye diL bechain ho jaaTa hai.

: Khamosh niGahein, 15mar2011,7:30 A.M

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Decisions shapes Destiny

" Decisions.. ShaPes desTinY.. !! " ~ aZZa.

The above thought might have been shared by
many intellects and discussed in great depth.
But, This is one of those thoughts that bit me long long ago..
and the stinging feeling still linger upon.

Anyways,i always feel that Life ??@#$% wiLl complete tonighT.. !!!!

crY.. with a dry eYe ..

SmTimz.. dry eyes.. speak.
mOre den..
tearful eyes.. !!

its jusT that, YOU.. shud kno, hw to read dem... :

~ aZza , aka, khamosh niGahein ~

Thursday, March 10, 2011

i wanna breaK frEE..

i wanna breaK frEE....

; I owe heartfull thanks to the below bloG..
4 da pic n da beautiful thoughts shared there.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

i don't know where i went wronG

The only problem was..

i neveR knew 2 flirT..
But, i aLways knew to Love.
: Azza